how it works

Safari Central uses augmented reality technology to bring animals to life.
To activate the animals, follow the following steps. 

Step 1


Download the app through the App Store or Google Play, open the app on your phone or tablet and choose an animal.


Step 2


You need a 'target' to activate the AR animal. You can use the following banknotes:

• 1 US Dollar
• 5 British Pounds
• 1 Canadian Dollar
• 1 Australian Dollar
• 100 Indian Rupees
• 10 Brazilian Reals
• 100 Kenyan Shillings
• 5 Euros
• 100 Hong Kong Dollars
• 100000 Vietnamese Dong
• 100 South African Rand
• 1000 Indonesian Rupiahs
• 10 Swiss Francs

Is your currency not listed? Scan the Safari Central logo or one of our partner logos. Find the markers in this PDF

Step 3


Move the animal around by pointing at a location on the screen, take a photo and share it with your friends. Do you want to take more photos? By buying more camera film you support the conservation of the animals in the game and the work of our partners!