Safari Central Baby Alert

What is a better way to end the year than with some great conservation news? Two of our game stars have baby updates to share!

Lola the Rhino is ready to pop!

Our AR star Lola is under constant surveillance, as she has reached the 18th month of her pregnancy. Rhino ladies carry their babies 15 to 17 months, but it can take longer - wowzers! With such a long gestation time and three to five years between babies, rhinos are extra vulnerable to extinction, so we could not be happier with this news! The team of Ol Pejeta Conservancy, where Lola lives, is keeping us updated, when we hear more we will let you know! In the mean time, snap a photo with Lola and congratulate the mom-to-be! 

Rockstar the Pangolin is a new mom!


More amazing baby news, this one from the Kalahari in South Africa! Wendy Panaino, the researcher at Tswalu who is tracking the life of our AR star pangolin, sent us this message: "Hey SC team! Super exciting news!!!😀 I've recently learnt that Rockstar the pangolin has a 2 month old pup. Pangolin moms generally only bring their pups out roughly once a week when changing burrows, so I was incredibly lucky to catch them in the act." Absolutely brilliant! As you can see in Wendy's photo, Rockstar carries her pup on her back. We will share more news when it comes in!