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Our biggest AR star: Mweturia the Elephant.

Everyone loves elephants, but loving Mweturia unconditionally is not easy for the people living in the Laikipia region of central Kenya. Mweturia is one of a few bold males that has mastered the art of breaking electric fences in order to raid farmland under the cover of darkness. It's no fun to see your maize harvest become an elephant's midnight snack!

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This is one of the many things conservation organisations have to do in order to get poachers convicted

The cameras generally stop rolling after the poachers are caught, but the work of conservation organisations does not end there. Did you know they often have to help keep up the pressure to prosecute poachers, making sure witnesses get to trial hearings, or liaising with the authorities so key evidence like tusks are at court on the right day? One of our partners, Space for Giants, has a court monitoring unit, which keeps track of cases against poachers to ensure justice is truly served. It's one of the many reasons why Safari Central was developed: to get the public engaged in conservation and to raise funds for all the different activities that ensure wildlife has a future.

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